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As part of this year's Foto Wien, OstLicht Gallery is showing early works by Magnum legend Eve Arnold and pre-senting selected photographs by internationally renowned Austrian photo artist Reiner Riedler. The current OstLicht Selection brings together an exciting selection of "places of longing" by outstanding photographers.


Unretouched Stars

Marlene Dietrich half despondent, half amused behind sheets of music, Andy Warhol kneeing on the floor of his studio sorting prints, Orson Welles removing his make-up after filming.

The new exhibition at OstLicht is dedicated to Eve Arnold's early successes, ranging from her world-famous celebrity portraits to scene shots of "The Misfits" and early reportage. Vintage prints for sale, as well as selected large-format prints from a rare exhibition set, feature work from 1952 through the late 1960s.

Raised in a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants in Philadelphia, Arnold had begun taking photographs in her 30’s and subsequently taking a master class with the eminent graphic designer Alex Brodovitch. Shortly afterwards, she was given the opportunity to photograph for the Magnum agency, where she was accepted as one of the first full female members in 1957 - along with Inge Morath.

Her unposed portraits of Marlene Dietrich, taken without a tripod, pose or lighting control and published in Esquire in 1952, were quite different from the studio portraits that were common at the time. They caught the attention of Marilyn Monroe, who contacted the photographer and worked with her confidentially in many sessions beginning in 1955.

Respectful interest in the subject was Arnold's basic principle in portrait photography, an approach that remains palpable in her photographs of film shoots, political gatherings, and later travel reportage. This attitude is also evident in the images of other Hollywood stars represented in the exhibition, all of whom provided her with personal insights away from the embellished studio settings. Arnold photographed Andy Warhol at work, Malcom X gesticulating wildly at the podium, Clark Gable studying scripts, or Orson Welles removing his make-up in the dressing room.

Arnold titled her first book "The Unretouched Woman" (1976). Although she was particularly appreciated by female models, she did not consider herself a feminist and did not want her role to be reduced to that of a female photographer.

Biography Eve Arnold
Eve Arnold (b. 1912, Philadelphia) took her first photographs with a Rolleicord, a two-lens medium format SLR camera. When she discovered her passion for photography, she dropped out of medical school. In 1948, Eve Arnold married industrial designer Arnold Arnold and enrolled in the New School for Social Research in New York. In 1950, her reportage on fashion shows in Harlem was published in the Picture Post. A year later she began her first collaboration with the Photo Magnum agency, where she became a member in 1957 and subsequently photographed social reports and Hollywood stars. In 1961 Arnold received an invitation from Malcom X to accompany him photographically on his Civil Rights Tour. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Lon-don with her son and began working on photojournalism for The Sunday Times. From the mid-1960s, she produced numerous travel reports for Life, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Geo, Stern and the Sunday Times color supplement, among others. In 1971/1972, she made her first and only film, "Women Behind the Veil," about Arab ham-mams and harems. Arnold published 14 books. Eve Arnold had her first solo exhibition "In China" at the Brooklin Museum in 1980. That same year, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Magazine Photographers, which was followed by numerous honors. Eve Arnold died in London in 2012 at the age of 99.



With nearly 100 national and international exhibitions and almost a dozen successfully sold photobooks, Reiner Riedler is one of Austria's most significant contemporary photographers. Following the presentation of individual series, among others at the Centre Pompidou in Paris or at Rencontres d'Arles, Vienna’s WestLicht. Museum for Photography is currently dedicating its first major personal exhibition to him, which spans a broad arc over his more than 30 years of work.

At the same time, OstLicht. Gallery for Photography has expanded its portfolio and is showing selected works in a sales exhibition. It includes not only highlights from Riedler's well-known series such as "Fake Holidays," "Russian Circus" and "Altered States," but also excerpts from his previously unpublished cycle "This Side of Paradise," for which he has been documenting the excesses of modern event culture for more than 20 years.

The common thread running through the works of the Vienna-based artist is an intense examination of the human pursuit of happiness. To this end, the "chronicler of longings" accompanies his protagonists to artificial worlds of leisure, swingers' clubs or to meadow festivals - all places that promise at least a short-term escape from everyday life.

In addition, OstLicht also offers a number of remarkable works from Riedler's conceptual works, including images of film reels from "The Unseen Seen", with which he stirs up emotions around cinema and the farewell to analog film, or "WILL - The Livesaving Machines", in which he deals with apparatus medicine and the desire for eternal life.

The editions, limited to 5 pieces each, are offered in two different formats and represent an attractive offer with high potential for established collectors and newcomers alike.

OstLicht Selection: Places of longing

For the current OstLicht Selection, the team of Gallery owner Peter Coeln has assembled a first-class selection of photographers who have captured special places in their own inimitable way. These include the sunlit hills of Italy in the photographs of Mario Giacomelli, the colorful world-famous house of architect Luis Barragán captured by René Burri, and the southern Italian beach landscapes of Piero Percoco.

In other exhibits, Franz Hubmann invites visitors to stroll through the Waldviertel and Roland Pleterski through the landscapes of Cuba. Takeuchi Toshinobu illuminates picturesque Japanese regions and Cora Pongracz takes the viewer into the Viennese coffee house Tuchlauben.

The three exhibitions are on view from March 9th to April 30th 2022 at OstLicht Gallery, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna. The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 18 pm- and by appointment.

9 Mar to 30 Apr 2022
Wed - Sat 12:00 - 06:00 pm
Sommerbreak 08.08. - 22.09.2022 / Preview Ressler Kunst Auktionen from 23.09.2022
and on appointment
Absberggasse 27, stair 3, 1. floor A-1100 Vienna
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