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"Moments & Contemplation - When time stands still"


The delicate pictures by Annika Friedrich in elaborate colour pencil, sometimes watercolours on various papers and cardboards take us to people having travelled from busy society and speed of everyday life in 21st century to moments and places of tranquility and peace. A general soul of stillness in people and nature governs, it reaches us and time stops for a while. All becomes one.
Even though friends of the artists are often depicted it is easy for us to get the feeling that it is us being shown in the pictures: the degree of portrait is reduced or people are drawn without faces from the back.
In our digital era of the 21st century increasingly more individuals are confronted with instability, insecurity and fears in a fast moving and rapidly changing society. People feel the nececity of constantly being reachable and active at all times, also digitally, forgetting about the importance of just turnig off once in a while in order to connect for more awareness, contemplation and inner harmony.
Annika Friedrich shows people in moments of tranquil states in which they have often stopped social interactions completely in order to allow some private, intimate moment to happen. Some seem to be unintentionally lonely as a result of our today`s society, others seem to heave searched consciously for these moments alone in peace. Being by yourself, confronting and coming to know your innerself in order to live and find your way in times of immens distraction and stress is important in order to reduce and not to loose oneself in the many possibilities and challenges that we are facing every day.
Annika Friedrich reminds us of these important and potentially very beautiful moments that have become increasingly rare in our 21st century society. She invites us to step into her beautiful drawings and to enjoy the little detail, the wonderful unspectacular, the `just being´, the living fully in this very moment, the being connected and all one with oneself, nature and the universe.

KOLJA KRAMER FINE ARTS presents ca. 40 orgininal pictures by ANNIKA FRIEDRICH from 2017-2019 and thereby provides an overview of the artist`s latest producing of the last years until today.

Eröffnung Mi, 13.Feb.2019 18:30 Uhr
13. bis 23.Feb.2019
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